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One Place

An introduction

City Living. Upgraded.

Something great is happening in Hayes Valley. One Franklin. Eight stories with 35 condominium residences, featuring studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans and built for your checklist. Great neighborhood location, check. Building loaded with modern amenities, courtyards and decks, double-check. It’s a new and unique take on condominium living designed with your needs in mind. The needs of a modern city homeowner. Welcome to One Franklin. Welcome to the center of everything.

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One Space

One Space


Modern city dweller meet modern city dwelling.

It may be a city corner, but when it’s your home, it’s the center of your universe. Perfectly positioned at the hub between Hayes Valley, the Market Street corridor and The Mission, One Franklin is 8 stories featuring studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans. It will become a welcome part of the neighborhood with its tasteful exterior. The interior is just as stylish with incredible detail going into every single amenity and finish. You chose to live in the City. One Franklin will make it a very smart choice.

Amenities make the building.

Creature comforts. The niceties of life. Amenities bring joy to living and the luxuries of One Franklin manifest themselves the moment you enter. The lobby is bright and inviting, welcoming you home or sending you on your way with a bounce in your step. It also has lounge-style seating area for your guests to rest, wait and admire the uniquely appointed decor. And how you choose to live is up to you. Feeling a little reflective? The secluded courtyard on the 2nd floor could be your answer. On the other hand, the landscaped deck on the 6th floor comes with a barbecue and seating area. It’s where residents turn into neighbors and neighbors turn into friends.


Two common areas. 2nd floor courtyard. Deck and barbecue on the 6th.

Socialize in person.

A lobby is more than just an entrance.

It sets a standard.

Bike parking and private storage. It’s better than a bike in the living room.

Space matters.

Enough perks to make your friends jealous.

Welcome to your life at One Franklin. It’s a life filled with perks and assistance from Uber, Luxe, BoConcept and more.* You’ll feel spoiled beyond belief. You might even wonder do I deserve this? And the answer is yes. Because you live at One Franklin.
*Choose between Uber or Luxe. All perks are available for select units.



Ride Credits

$2,500 Uber credits give you a new perspective on city living. Go places. See friends. You’ve always got a ride, so take advantage.

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Valet Credits

Parking in San Francisco? It’s hard. So hard, Luxe was created here. Receive $2,500 valet credits to use whenever and however. Call your valet. Say it out loud: Your valet.

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50% off


With 50% off at BoConcept and a complimentary consultation, you have options. Stylish options. Make your own choices or get advice from the experts.

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1 year

Butler Service

Hello Alfred has arrived on the West Coast, exclusively at One Franklin. Your very own butler will make your bed, do your grocery shopping and more each week.

Visit Hello Alfred

10% off

Local Grocery Delivery

You’re busy. Too busy to cook. Maybe even too busy to eat well. We get it. That’s why you get 10% off from Luke’s Local. Fresh, organic food prepared and delivered to your door.
Eat up.

Visit Luke's Local

15% off

Services & Parts

Market Street Cycles will come to you. Door to door. When your bike needs repair or new parts, you call. Then they come. And you save 15%. That’s 100% great.

Visit Market Street Cycles

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One Home

One Home

Have a Look

The inside story of 8 stories.

Most city dwellers live in the City because they love it. A devotion to the neighborhood. A loyalty to the local establishments. One Franklin is designed so that love extends to the actual home itself as much as the City. And that means an interior that refuses to settle. Anywhere. The look of a fixture. The touch of a countertop. The texture of a floor. They’re all designed so that when a resident says, “I love my home.” it’s not just words, but a fact of life.

Always finish strong.

When looking at the interior finishes of One Franklin, don’t forget to look down. You’ll see 7” hardwood planks made with genuine oak providing a classic, yet elevated appearance. Although many debate the true nature of a San Francisco summer, there are times of the year when air conditioning is appreciated. Entering the kitchen, gleaming Silestone quartz countertops reflect this well-appointed part of the home. Premium Grohe fixtures combine form and function in the bathrooms.



Wide-plank oak wood flooring

with custom ash finish

Fully air conditioned residences

to cool the warm days

Private spacious decks

in select residences


Beautiful Bertazzoni ranges

with tiled backsplash

Silestone quartz countertops

throughout the kitchen

American made finished cabinets

in solid warm tones


Grohe plumbing fixtures

with tasteful and quality build

Single and dual vanities

for modern elegance

Bathtubs and walk-in showers

in select residences


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Floor Plans

Sq Ft
201 2 Bed 1 2 SE ~ 812 sq ft View Floor Plan
202 1 Bed 1 2 E ~ 525 sq ft View Floor Plan
203 Studio 1 2 S ~ 445 sq ft View Floor Plan
204 Studio 1 2 W ~ 455 sq ft View Floor Plan
205 1 Bed 1 2 S ~ 548 sq ft View Floor Plan
206 2 Bed 2 2 S ~ 887 sq ft View Floor Plan
301 2 Bed 1 3 SE ~ 812 sq ft View Floor Plan
302 1 Bed 1 3 E ~ 525 sq ft View Floor Plan
303 Studio 1 3 S ~ 445 sq ft View Floor Plan
304 Studio 1 3 W ~ 479 sq ft View Floor Plan
305 1 Bed 1 3 S ~ 548 sq ft View Floor Plan
306 2 Bed 2 3 S ~ 940 sq ft View Floor Plan
401 2 Bed 1 4 SE ~ 812 sq ft View Floor Plan
402 1 Bed 1 4 E ~ 525 sq ft View Floor Plan
403 Studio 1 4 S ~ 445 sq ft View Floor Plan
404 Studio 1 4 W ~ 479 sq ft View Floor Plan
405 1 Bed 1 4 S ~ 548 sq ft View Floor Plan
406 2 Bed 2 4 S ~ 940 sq ft View Floor Plan
501 2 Bed 1 5 SE ~ 812 sq ft View Floor Plan
502 1 Bed 1 5 E ~ 504 sq ft View Floor Plan
503 Studio 1 5 S ~ 445 sq ft View Floor Plan
504 Studio 1 5 W ~ 479 sq ft View Floor Plan
505 1 Bed 1 5 S ~ 548 sq ft View Floor Plan
506 2 Bed 2 5 S ~ 940 sq ft View Floor Plan
601 2 Bed 1 6 SE ~ 812 sq ft View Floor Plan
602 1 Bed 1 6 E ~ 504 sq ft View Floor Plan
603 2 Bed 2 6 SW ~ 1,025 sq ft View Floor Plan
604 Studio 1 6 W ~ 479 sq ft View Floor Plan
701 2 Bed 2 7 SE ~ 1,008 sq ft View Floor Plan
702 1 Bed 1 7 E ~ 504 sq ft View Floor Plan
703 2 Bed 1 7 SW ~ 788 sq ft View Floor Plan
704 Studio 1 7 W ~ 479 sq ft View Floor Plan
801 2 Bed 2 8 SE ~ 1,080 sq ft View Floor Plan
802 2 Bed 2 8 W ~ 979 sq ft View Floor Plan
803 2 Bed 1 8 SW ~ 788 sq ft View Floor Plan
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The country’s first location devoted to jazz performance and education.

SF JAZZ Center 201 Franklin Street

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Polaris Pacific is the West Coast’s premiere urban real estate sales and
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Allis is a leading branding and communications consultancy specializing in hospitality and luxury high-rise real estate. 


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